After spending twenty years as a real estate investor and owner of Cedar Creek Mobile Home Park, I’ve seen many property management systems come and go. Most of these systems were desktop based, difficult to learn, and even harder to use. None of them were a good fit for my business model and I knew I needed to try something different. CCMHP is a 38-acre, 200-lot neighborhood with several common area amenities including a swimming pool and lots of green space that needs regular upkeep. The maintenance needs of our neighborhood are significant, and require good management practices to keep everything repaired and tidy.

In addition to owning and managing the park, I have 10 homes in place that I personally own and rent out which further complicates my accounting practices. Prior to RentPost, I had never seen an accounting program that matched my business needs. As a property owner as well as a manager, I rely on RentPost’s Owner Portal to get information about my units when I need it without having to contact the office.

Before RentPost, having two hundred tenants paying rent the first of the month using a mix of cash and check made us go a little crazy. Now, many of our renting families appreciate the ability to pay rent online. Using RentPost makes the beginning of the month less hectic. Everything we want from a receivables management standpoint is perfect!

City View Apartments

After trying so many property management systems that couldn’t meet our needs, our office manager was nervous about the prospect of having to learn a new one. Now she raves about how easy RentPost is to use and loves its intuitive design. She says its fast, easy and a no brainer! I’ve been through the ringer with subpar systems so many times before; I know what works when I see it. After twenty years in the real estate industry, I’m very happy to have found RentPost.