When I founded CollegeTown Properties in 2010, I set out to become an industry leader in the student housing market. Just a few years later, CollegeTown Properties is a successful full service Real Estate firm specializing in the development, marketing, and management of student-driven properties in Knoxville, Clemson, & my hometown of Athens, GA. After graduating from the University of Georgia, I worked with a national student housing development group where I focused on learning everything about the business. While working in this capacity, I learned the benefits of utilizing online property management systems firsthand, and knew that I would need a similar solution for any future business ventures.

When CollegeTown began seeing steady growth, I started the search for a property management system that would fit the dynamics of a young company. I knew we needed quick access to information about available beds within units during peak season times. I’m actively involved in day-to-day property management while also heading up new project developments including site acquisition, due diligence, and concept creation, so I need a management system that allows my entire team to collaborate remotely. Because CollegeTown is based in three states, my team must have access to current availability and near availability statistics, and be able to track popular housing options in each of the cities we serve.

City View Apartments

After trying out other programs, I knew that RentPost was the best choice. RentPost has a higher degree of usability than other systems I tried, with dynamic core features, an easy to access news feed, and the ability to rapidly expand according to changing needs. With RentPost, I can manage pre-leases while new housing options are still in the development stage. This flexibility allows for better Project Development Pro-Forma and Operating Pro-Forma and a clearly defined return on investment for owner prospects; many of which are located out of state. After development is complete and operational, property investors can use RentPost’s Owner Portals to view a well-formatted owner statement template that prior to RentPost, was difficult to generate.

With RentPost, we’re able to provide details to potential property owners and investors that keep them competitive in tough college rental markets. I can fill multiple, crucial roles and maintain contact with my team no matter where I’m working. I’m confident that RentPost is the right choice for CollegeTown.