Fights between neighbors can leave your more than grumpy.

Last time I lived in an apartment complex, my landlord asked me to do something weird. He called out of the blue and said “Hey I know this is kind of a weird request but I’ve had some noise complaints about your unit and I think this is the best way to handle it.” My […]

Cramming a rental ad into 50 words or less is a thing of the past.

Do you have questions about rental investing? Check out this post for some common questions a real estate investor who is interested in rental properties would be interested in exploring before diving into this article. It’s easier than ever to post rental listings online. But writing an effective rental ad is harder than you think. I’m currently in […]


Hello again! It’s a new week and of course there’s more news in rental property! If this is your first time checking out This Week In Rental Property (TWiRP), the weekly segment that brings you the newest articles in rental property from around the web, then check out last week’s news here. So, what’s new […]

young adults

If you’ve been thinking about investing in real estate to rent, there are a number of questions that you should be asking. Perhaps you’ve just happened upon that perfect property, maybe you’re just thinking about where you’ll look: either way, there are a number of things to consider. What’s the supply and demand of the […]


This Week in Rental Property (TWiRP) is a new weekly segment that features articles that we found interesting from all over the web that property managers and landlords everywhere would want to read. So be sure to check back with us each Saturday to see what’s relevant in the rental world! What’s going on this week in […]

Fire, flood, or famine, renter's insurance has you covered.

We’ve already covered some reasons why renter’s insurance is a good idea for residents and property managers alike. But how do you convince your tenants to pay for and retain a policy that many people assume is expensive and unnecessary? Be a myth buster Many renters have more than a few misconceptions that keep them […]

consistency  how go about keeping good tenants

So you’ve found the good tenant, but how do you keep them? Tenant retention is a good thing, and yes, offering certain perks and amenities can help. However, there are some good ways that you can keep them signing your lease, year after year. Vacancy cycles are bad for a number of reasons- of course, […]


It really does feel like it was just a couple of months ago I was writing about how to best prepare for the 2014 tax season: and here we are, it’s time for the 2015 tax season! Time flies. Now, you may be considering hiring a tax professional to help you this year, and that’s […]

Paid rent on time

One of the most common questions asked by both landlords and property managers is: how do I get my renters to not only have paid rent on time, but to pay it in full? Nobody likes having to deal with slow payments or even tenants who default, and even fewer still like having to face […]

the housing market and new construction may be on the upswing in 2015

Rental markets will stay strong While first time home ownership will rise in 2015, thanks to households headed by 30-somethings bankrolled by greater job security and rising confidence in the housing market, younger Millennials leaving college dorms and their parent’s homes will keep the rental market robust. Americans in their 20s strongly prefer to rent […]

What does 2015 have in store for the housing market?

With the New Year approaching, consumers, investors, industry experts, and policy makers alike all cast a critical eye toward the 2015 real estate market. 2015 marks nine years since the housing bubble peaked before crashing, and three years after home prices hit a record low post-recession. This recovery has been a slow one, and 2015 […]


RealtyTrac’s Q2, 2014 Residential Property Rental Report, had some interesting things to say about what markets rocked and what markets just sunk like rocks. A look at the report shows that the second quarter just wasn’t as great as the same time last year: the average annual return for 2014 was about 9.9% compared to […]


Multi-family is a market that is on an increasing uptick, as homeownership is still at an all time low. Rents continue to rise in response, and trends are looking very promising for the rental housing market in 2015. Though a number of sources have indicated that 2015 might be a fairly big year for home-buying, this […]


Renting can often be a good way to spend a lot of money. Especially with the prices for rental properties jumping up all over the country. Most renters spend a large majority of their monthly income on paying rent, not including other bills. So how does one go about saving money in these times? Here […]

An effective social media marketing campaign relies on regular updates.

Here on the RentPost blog we’ve talked about the role social media plays in an effective marketing and management strategy. The number one rule of social media is to post content on a regular scheduled basis. A lack of updates is the death knell of an otherwise great web presence. The problem is, it takes […]

An online community keeps people connected.

I live in a funky old house subdivided into six apartment units and I’ve lived there for almost three years. I live in a college town, so the other units see a lot of turnover and every time I see a moving truck in the driveway, I sniff around outside waiting to meet my new […]

Natural gas is an effective heating fuel for winter, but many people are scared to have an open flame indoors.

I live in an old house. My apartment is in a subdivided house that was built in 1902 and I love it. I love the tall ceilings, the absurd amount of windows, and the million tiny odd changes made by tenants and owners for the past 100 plus years. My love affair with my apartment […]

An older property has it's own charms.

I live in an apartment in a subdivided house that was built in 1902. When I went to view the property I noticed right away that the building had seen some better days, but I was excited nonetheless. I grew up in a series of ramshackle farmhouses and my grandma’s own lovingly restored older house, […]

By: Taber Andrew Bain

I was 19 and decorating my first apartment for Christmas and I had my heart set on a real tree. I checked my lease and there wasn’t a rule against live trees inside, so I picked one out and brought it home. My roommate and I threw a holiday party that year and invited our […]

Interpersonal communication is the cornerstone of good management

As a property manager, you work as a mediator between property owners and tenants, and need highly developed interpersonal skills to represent each party’s interests as well as your own. The ability to communicate clearly, to assert your needs and desires, and to say “No” with confidence, are hallmarks of a successful business leader. Mastering effective interpersonal […]

By: Aazam Yaqoob

So, you’ve missed your last month’s rent payment, and maybe the one prior. You’ve now come home to a notice on your door of eviction and are naturally concerned. Being faced with an eviction notice is never a pleasant experience, but there are a few things to remember to help you when faced with with this […]

rental property landscaping

Trees are a great amenity in a rental property landscaping plan, especially if they are planted in spaces available for residents to enjoy. Trees offer shade and room for recreation in green spaces, and when used with other colorful landscaping, make your property stand out year round. Most rental property landscaping tips show up on blogs like ours […]


For anyone who is considering or already in the process of home buying, you already know there are a number of things to deal with and get through in order to get the home you want while paying the price you find acceptable. One aspect of home buying that can be quite a tricky hassle […]

Showing a rental unit in it's best light takes planning.

During my early twenties I moved five times in four years. My reasons for moving varied, but one part of relocating always stayed the same; touring rental units. For every move I made, I looked at 5-10 units each time, always in search of the perfect place to call home. There are a few key […]

College students traveling home for the holidays should prepare their apartments to stand vacant.

Winter holidays are coming and college students are getting ready to trek home for an extended break from their studies…and their rental housing. Students generally get a week long break for Thanksgiving and a 3 to 4 week break for winter holidays. Their exodus leaves a lot of rental units empty and vulnerable to property […]