How to Hire a Plumber : A Landlord’s Guide to Hiring Contractors

Hiring contractors is one of the many tasks assigned to landlords or property managers. These contractors can be electricians, roofers, carpet cleaners, or even plumbers. Each one of these contractor’s professions provides a vital service that contributes to the proper management and maintenance of property investments. As you know these contractors are needed, but more importantly, you need to know how to hire the best contractors for your properties. This time we will explore how to hire a plumber.

The simple act of just finding any old plumber is just that, simple and inefficent. Unfortunately your property cannot settle for just any plumber. You want to hire a plumber who is not only great at their job, but also licensed and certified to operate within their state.

Why Hire a Certified Plumber?

In some states a plumber has to be licensed to legally work in your properties or anyone else’s for that matte As with most state laws, the rules and regulations regarding licensing requirements for plumbers can vary widely from state to state. Regardless of the bureaucracy involved, as a landlord you need to ensure that the contractors you hire are legally eligible to work for you, because off something bad happens, you both could be in trouble.

Certifications are different from licenses in the way that, being certified is a metric used to determine if a candidate is qualified to preform a role based on intellect, and skill level.

A certified plumber makes sure to taken the extra steps to ensure that their customers know that they are knowledgeable about the profession of plumbing. Certified plumbers demonstrate that knowledge by having passed an exam proctored by a third party as an indicator of their skill level.

Reliable Contractors

Not only do your contractors have to be licensed and preferably certified, but they also need to be reliable. You are operating within the real estate sector and you need a contractor who is able to accommodate all of your specific property needs. Since we are talking about plumbing, the piping situation could be complex, especially if your properties are stacked apartments, condos, or dorm style buildings. This means that sometimes a plumbing issue may be isolated to one unit or could spread to others due to the inner connections of pipe systems.

The more complex a task is, generally the longer it takes to complete. A great question to ask your plumber before hiring them is, what is the rate they charge for their services. Negotiations could be had to come to a more agreeable price if there is a possibility of a future long term working relationship. You need to establish these terms beforehand, so you aren’t blindsided by a bill you weren’t anticipating and your plumber knows what kind of work scheduale they can expect while working for you.

Who Will be Working in Your Properties?

The certified and licensed plumber you might have spoken to when inquiring about their services may not be the person they were planning to send to clear your pipes. Plumbers apprentices, or other non certified employees may be sent in their place, and it’s your job to make sure you know who they are sending and what their skills are. To ensure the most qualified people are working on your investment you need to speak up and insist that only certified plumbers take action or make consequential decisions during your services taking place.

Contractor Assurances

Legally your plumber has to have some form of insurance, but you need to know what is covered in those insurance policies, by asking for a copy of any insurance documentation they may have on file. Individual plumbing businesses may also have additional warranties or service guarantees that they may offer their clients.

Your Best Bet is to Shop Around

Shop around for the best plumbing contractor you can find. They will all offer slightly different services, at different price ranges, but your goal is to sort them out and find the best fit for you. Also you need to do all of this before you actually need plumbing work done. You are contracting out this company and they will be your go to resource for all of your plumbing needs. You need to be on a first name basis with all of your contractors, and they should know you as well. Apartment, condo, or dorm contracts are difficult to come by for contractors so they need to know you are valuable clients and should be treated as such, as a priority.

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  • It’s good to know that licensing requirements vary from state to state. What is the best way to find out what licensing is needed where I live? I’d be curious to know since I’d want to hire a plumbing contractor legally and correctly the first time.

  • Written well! I am glad to know that which things are required to hiring a plumber contractor for your work. Such useful information you have shared. Keep it up!

  • The plumber should has state license for the state where you live, you could check details on the Contractor’s State License Board website for your state, like for California it is

    Also the contractor should be bonded and has a liability insurance, we could provide you with information for a good plumbing company that works in Ventura and Los Angeles counties in California

  • I appreciate your tips for hiring a plumber. I agree that finding a certified one is best, since that means they have a license. We’ve got some repairs that need to be done in our basement, so I’ll remember this as I do my research.

  • Thanks for pointing out that we should shop around to ensure that the contractor we will be hiring will be able to offer all the services we need of them. I will share this tip with a friend of mine because she will need their services. It appears that their pipes near bursting because it is old enough due to their house being inherited from their grandparents.

  • Thanks for the tip to find a plumber that meets the needs of our specific property, which is important when operating within the sector of real estate. My husband and I recently invested in a rental property, and we’ve just received a plumbing complaint from one of our tenants for the first time. I’m glad I read your article because now I know what traits to look for as we evaluate potential plumbers for the job!

  • Thank you for your great article on hiring a plumber! I need to hire a plumber. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when hiring a plumber.

  • It’s interesting to know that a certified plumber will have all the knowledge to ensure a quality job. My mother told me that one of her properties have plumbing problems, and we are looking for advice. I will let her know about the benefits of hiring a certified plumber to help her.

  • You made a good point that I will need reliable plumbers most especially if the pipelines in my property are quite complex. I think that would be the case for the luxury estate that I recently acquired that I’m still undecided if I’m going to rent out or use a vacation house. Nevertheless, I’m going to be needing a preventing maintenance of its plumbing before anyone could settle in.

  • Such a well-rewritten article, raising essential points for the betterment of families and communities. Really appreciable. I have also found this resource useful and its related to what you are mentioning.

  • It’s good to know that there are plumbers who automatically show their credibility by showing their certification without needing to ask for them. I’m going to need a skilled plumbing services soon because I’m planning to get rid of my old bathtub. It would be nice if the pipes connected to my wall wouldn’t be so obvious after it has been removed.

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