There is a lot of talk about appealing to the “millennials”. That sweet spot Generation Y crowd, the renters between ages 20 and 30. There are a variety of things that this particular generation is looking for- much more than just crash space, they want units that are as connected and trendy as they are. Appealing to them will require that you be the same.

This demographic is very different from the generation before it. They are much more involved when it comes to social media, and it matters a lot more to them than any other group. Those who are making the decisions usually do so by finding out what their friends, loved ones, and other people have experienced- and they do this using social media outlets. Not only that, they also have no problems communicating their experiences this way.

Those in the age group of 20-30 are much less likely to be looking at the newspapers for rental listings. Instead, they’ll be on Zillow and other sites like it. Additionally, anything that’s optimized for mobile is best- if they cannot see your ad, you may get passed over for someone that’s got theirs set up properly, purely on that alone.

Additionally, remember convenience. This is one of the biggest things- if your system is set up so that everything is easier, and they can pay rent without leaving the house, you’re head and shoulders above those who don’t offer that option. Additionally, if you can be as connected as they are- interacting with them via social media, being accessible via email, and other mediums, the appeal goes up from there.

Social Media + Rentpost = You are made of win

As we’ve mentioned before- social media is an asset to your business in a tremendous number of ways. When you pair it up with the sleek organization that Rentpost provides: the benefits increase dramatically.

Having a fantastic social media presence does so much more than help promote your properties, though. You’re building your credibility with every interaction.

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